Laser cutting is a type of material processing that is now increasingly used in the industry. It is a method of thermal material splitting using a laser beam. The main advantage of laser cutting is the cutting speed and the product, which is suitable for further processing without additional technological processes. The condition for obtaining good quality of cutting and a high degree of maintaining the dimensions of the cut structural elements is the accuracy of guiding the cutting stream.

We provide professional steel cutting and processing services using laser technology – laser cutting. We process sheet metal using a modern laser cutter NUKON ECO with a working table of dimensions 3000x1500mm and a power resonator 1000W.

Material available:

Aluminum up to 2mm
Copper up to 2mm
Brass up to 3mm Steel up to 8 mm
Stainless steel up to 2 mm
Galvanized steel up to 2 mm