Heat recovery is a process in which production wastewater is retained on its way to the treatment plant and converted by a heat exchanger so that most of the heat is returned back to the plant.

The installation of the system is beneficial mainly economically. In addition to the return of heat up to 90% by the AquaHeat system, the advantage is also saving electricity, which the boiler room does not need in such an amount as before. Other advantages are the low cost of infrastructure preparation or ease of cleaning.

AquaHeat systems are installed with a 5-year warranty.

The AquaHeat system can be installed in 3 ways: underground, above-ground inside the building or above-ground in a container building outside.

The AquaHeat system was developed primarily for the food industry, more specifically for food and beverage processing, and is generally a system designed for industries that produce water heat from the production process.

If you are interested in building such a system, please contact us by phone at +48 607 604 051.


The tank wash is an innovative system for thorough cleaning of tank chambers after food raw materials, hazardous materials and fuels.

The tank washing system is a set of high-pressure equipment. This system is equipped with individual heating systems. Steam boilers provide efficiency up to 2500 kg/h. High-pressure devices power the washing heads located on the traverse mounted in the axis of the tank wash. The tanks are cleaned from this level.

The ECD Certificate is the European Cleaning Document. It accompanies each washing process, carried out on behalf of companies transporting food, chemical and fuel substances. The EFTCO Association (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations) promotes the ECD document as a model of a common document for tank washing companies from all over Europe. That is why the main criterion for carriers when choosing a tanker wash service for them is to have the above-mentioned certificate.


The main customers of the tank washes are carriers of food, chemical and fuel substances. There are exceptions where carriers of other substances appear at such washes.

If you are interested in building a tank wash, please contact us by phone at +48 607 604 051.


AquaPress is a product line of high pressure washers with a wide range of applications in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our offer consist of 3 models from the AquaPress line: Eco Evo, Industial and Foam & Go.

There is generally no rule to purchase an AquaPress product. The purchase of our products allows for more advanced hygiene processes in the food industry, as well as for the usual cleaning of the company’s external facade.

If you are interested in purchasing a product from the AquaPress line, please contact us by phone at +48 607 604 051.