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CNC Turning and Boring

We provide CNC turning services. This method involves the separation of the material out of the workpiece using the turning tool. CNC turning is one of the most popular methods of machining. We provide following possibility of turning: – The outer surfaces – The internal surfaces – front – plunge We are able to turn …

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cięcie laserem


We provide professional steel laser cutting and processing services – laser cut-outs and cutting. Sheet processing is carried out using modern NUKON ECO laser cut-outs, cutting system with  3000x1500mm workbench and a 1000W resonator. Laser cutting is a type of material processing which nowadays becomes increasingly popular in industrial applications. It is a type of …

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gięcie blach


Sheet bending constitutes one of main services provided by KUPS in terms of steel processing. It includes permanent deformation under bending moment without affecting the integrity of the sheet. Our machinery park allows us to bend sheets using wipe bending and roller bending. We also have a modern TOSKAR EASY FAB 2600 120 press brake …

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We employ staff experienced in welding various types of material. TIG welding helps us to obtain highest quality welds on various types of steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium and aluminium alloys. It uses an electric arc created using a non-consumable tungsten electrode and inert gas shielding. Commonly used fillers include wire or rods; however when joining …

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spawanie orbitalne


Orbital welding is a process where the welding arch is rotated continuously around the welded tube through at least 360°. After installing the head and adjusting welding parameters process is carried out in an entirely automated manner. Thanks to the ability to shape root welds (introducing gas into the tube) and achieve almost perfectly smooth …

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We provide sheet rolling and reeling services for which we use a rolling mill that allows us to end 1000m-wide and 3mm-thick sheets with a minimum rolling diameter of 130mm.

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gięcie rur 2


We provide steel tube and section bending services. At our disposal we have a professional BPR BA 35 bending machine with 3 rolls, hydraulic thrust and CNC control system which help to obtain accurate elements. All jobs are carried out with high accuracy and the results are truly impressive.

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